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What is Devi Dance?

Devi is the ancient Sanskrit word for Goddess. Based on Tribal Belly Dance moves, students are encouraged to discover and celebrate the Divine Feminine force in their lives. In this Sacred Circle we dance for inspiration, balance... and for the pure JOY of it!


Greetings Dancing Ones!

Ahhhhh... the sweet heat of Summer is finally here...! Sunglasses, flip-flops and the sting of a hot car seat against our tender thighs announces Summer's arrival in all Her fury! Now as Father Sky reveals his expansive blue aura we find our minds lusting to venture forth. We dream of exploring grand vistas high upon Her dusty shoulders.... while colorful wildflowers sprinkle their scents among Her fields. We long to wade into Her swirling, cool pools and soak up the day's heat on dark, smooth rocks found only in Her special places. We are eager to dig our toes into Her warm sands, filling our lungs with the salty perfume wafting across Her effervescence shores... Aaaahhh... YES! This is the Season of Summer at long last!

Yes ~ the unrelenting pull of the Great Outdoors call us to unplug from our digital life and enjoy the Gifts of the Pacific Northwest now. Its time to play all day in the sunshine and dance under the stars long into the night. many ways to enjoy this Season!

In order to properly honor the Glory of the Goddess, our Devi-Dance class will be taking a summer break until September. Our last class will be June 4th, however, I will be offering private lessons for anyone wanting to keep their skills honed during our break. Please contact me at: to schedule an appointment.
Thanks for your support!

~ Blessed Be ~